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IssueCounsel’s most recent Issue Reports. Issue Reports are the world’s most comprehensive collections of all the main arguments and quotes on a single issue. They cover issues global, national, or local in scope across the fields of politics, business, and life. In whatever context, they provide a visual platform for superior deliberations, decision-making, debating, strategic communications, and public affairs messaging.

Issue Reports

Products and Services

IssueCounsel offers access to Issue Reports for a fee both per Issue Report or through a full-access subscription. We also offer tailored Issue Counseling consulting services for your specific issue. These services include commissioned Issue Reports, Messaging Architectures, Opposition Research, competitive intelligence, and general communications and business services.

Custom Issue Reports

Visualize your issue with custom, in-depth Issue Reports so you can deliberate, advocate, understand your opponent’s arguments, and craft targeted counter messaging.

Issue Counseling

Navigate your issue with the help of our strategic communications and business services, all anchored by our argument-visualization and competitive-intelligence methodologies.

Messaging Architectures

Let us visually frame your best arguments and overarching messaging themes, creating the architecture for a successful communications, public affairs, and marketing campaign.

Competitive Intelligence

We can comprehensively frame your opponent’s arguments, strengths, and weaknesses so you can gain competitive insights and respond with superior, targeted messaging.

Comms and Business Services

With substantial experience in communications, business, and law, IssueCounsel’s consultants can provide a broad array of communications and business services.

Lesson Plans, Debate Instruction

We offer teachers lesson plans utilizing our Issue Reports and the immense educational power of debate. We also offer debate and public-speaking instruction to any client.

Event Services

If you are hosting a debate or public forum, we can create custom content for the issue at hand to enhance the experience before, during, and after. We also help host and curate events.

Product Reviews & Feedback

Our Issue Reports can provide constructive pro/con analyses of your products or services, bolster your SEO, and provide customers with guidance. We also solicit and frame feedback.

Voter Guidance

We offer enhanced voter guides that break-down the pros and cons of candidates, referendums, and legislation so voters can make informed choices and advocate effectively.

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About IssueCounsel

IssueCounsel counsels customers and clients through their most important issues. We research, frame, and visualize arguments and messages in complex issues, produce comprehensive Issue Reports, and provide strategic consulting and communications services for your issue. We are the most comprehensive and complete visual resource for some of the world’s most important issues and, potentially, for your issue.


About the Founder

Brooks Lindsay graduated from Georgetown University in 2006 with a major in International Politics and is a JD/MBA (law and business) at the University of Washington. He founded, “the Wikipedia of debates”, and has worked in journalism, communications, public affairs, politics, government, law, and tech over the last decade. Combining these experiences and expanding on the mission and model of Debatepedia, he founded IssueCounsel to empower people, organizations, and businesses to more effectively think through and act on the important issues they face.


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