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IssueCounsel aims to counsel customers and clients through their most important issues. We research, frame, and visually represent arguments, quotes, and messaging in our comprehensive and innovative Issue Reports. For premium clients, we go a step further and leverage custom-built Issue Reports to provide superior consulting and communications services for your issue.

Our goal is to leverage technology, research, and visualization techniques to empower customers and clients to make optimal decisions and put forward their best arguments and messages. Some issues are so complex with so many factors or arguments that they require a visual structure to begin the decision-making process or to enable rapid responses to an opponent’s arguments. We provide this innovative visual structure and the research, journalism, messaging, business, and legal competencies to distill your most critical considerations. This allows you to focus on weighing factors and deliberating, instead of gathering and framing all the arguments.

From the creator of, IssueCounsel takes argument and messaging visualization to a new level and offers a suite of consulting and communications services around these visualizations. Let us frame your issue and walk you toward the right decision.

We also recognize that some of our customers and clients simply want to learn and grow their reasoning and public speaking capabilities. We seek to enhance the learning of our customers by providing a platform to digest the many arguments in some of the world’s most complex public debates. And we go a step further by providing educational resources that enable fierce and rewarding oratory, debate, and analytical reasoning. These skills are valuable in any context.

The Founder's Story

Brooks Lindsay, a Seattle native and entrepreneur, graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in 2006. He founded in that year a website called Debatepedia aimed to become “the Wikipedia of debates,” centralizing all of the major arguments and quotes in major public debates into comprehensive pro/con articles. Ten years later, Brooks launched IssueCounsel as the evolution of that endeavor and the expansion of its public service toward specific customer and client issues, decision-making challenges, and messaging needs. It applies the technology and lessons from Debatepedia’s effective platform for dissecting complex issues toward your most important issues.

What Brooks has done in the ten years since graduating from Georgetown has created the foundation for the value IssueCounsel offers to clients and customers. He was the Founder and Editor of Debatepedia for five years, compiling hundreds of comprehensive pro/con articles, raising over $200,000 for the project, and attracting 300,000 visitors per month to the site. He worked in communications and public affairs for three years on a gubernatorial campaign, at the World Bank, and at a prominent Seattle public affairs firm. He is a JD/MBA at the University of Washington with professional experiences spanning journalism, communications, public affairs, politics, government, law, and tech. Combining these experiences, he founded IssueCounsel to counsel clients and customers on the way they think, act, and communicate regarding the issues they care most about.

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