Argument: Internet not as important as real rights

Issue Report: Is Internet access a human right?


Luke Appleby. “The internet is not a right.” March 9th, 2010: “In 20 years, will people think having a cell-phone is a human right? An iPhone? A cooked breakfast and a footrub? […] We may think of such trivial things as a fundamental right, but consider the truly impoverished and what is most important to them. The right to vote, the right to liberty and freedom from slavery or the right to elementary education. […] Perhaps it’s time for a reality check, and to re-examine which of our ‘rights’ are truly important.”

Brian Osborne. “Is Internet access a fundamental right?” March 9th, 2010: “I kind of struggle at the notion that access to the Internet is a fundamental right. To me, calling it a fundamental right diminishes others. For example, I believe access to healthcare is a right. Is access to the Internet equal to that? I believe the pursuit of happiness is a right. Are we saying Internet access is a critical path to the pursuit of happiness?”