Argument: Fuel economy standards foster innovation and jobs

Issue Report: Vehicle fuel economy standards


“Repealing CAFE Standards Would Be…Stupid”. Think Youth. 23 Sept. 2008 – It is important that you don’t let those who rail against CAFE standards to forget the RES portion of the bill that has the potential to jump-start new clean energy economy and create tens of thousands of new, good-paying jobs for things such as wind and solar manufacturing and installation. This is why people like for God sakes the United Steelworkers are backing the laws. RES will create thousands of megawatts of new clean renewable electricity generation, decreasing the amount of natural gas we use—lowering prices for consumers on their home heating bills and also benefiting industrial users. Even more important is that RES is doable and a star we can reach. More than two dozen states including my home of California have already put in our own Renewable Electricity Standards. In these states they are reaching for 30 percent or more so please tell me why the federal 15% is so far off the mark?