Argument: China often forces abortions on women, violating human rights

Issue Report: China "one child" policy


Simon Elegant. “Why Forced Abortions Persist in China”. Time. 30 Apr. 2007 – Harrowing details have emerged in recent news reports of alleged forced abortions in China’s impoverished Guangxi province. Earlier this month as many as 61 pregnant women were injected with an abortive drug after being dragged to local hospitals, according to media accounts. Human rights activists say actions allegedly carried out by family planning officials there are unlikely to be isolated. Along with forced sterilization and other coercive methods of birth control, forced abortion continues to be practiced occasionally by officials in remote parts of China despite its having been banned by the central government in Beijing.

“Forced Abortion Still A Reality in China Says New Amnesty Report”. LifeSiteNews. 27 May 2005 – Amnesty International, the well known human rights group, has issued its 2005 Amnesty International report which again shows China’s continuing abuse of women due to the one-child policy. Successive reports indicating such abuses have, however, failed to convince the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to abandon its relationship with the Chinese population control program. They have also evidently failed to convince Canada and other nations to follow the lead of the United States and refuse funding to UNFPA based on their complicity with China’s coercive abortion regime.

David Eimer. “China admits women were forced to have abortions”. 21 Sep. 2005