Argument: A tax rebate is not a sustained, long-term stimulus

Issue Report: Bush economic stimulus plan


  • “The Economic Stimulus Plan: Short-Term Solution, Long-Term Problem”. Seeking Alpah. January 20, 2008 – “At the end of the day, the U.S. economy has long-term problems that cannot be solved by simple short-term solutions. At best the tax rebates will only boost consumer spending for 1-2 quarters, and then we’re on our way back to where we are now. Any legitimate stimulus package needs to be designed for the long-term, not a couple of quarters. The rate cuts of the post 9/11 era were supposed to help us avoid a recession and make the economy stronger, instead they only served to delay a recession and helped to create even bigger problems.
Don’t get me wrong, I won’t begrudge any household their $800-$1,600.000, especially since many of them need it. However, it’s time for the powers that be to get behind the eight ball and start creating LONG-TERM solutions to the nation’s economic problems. Short-term solutions often do nothing more than to delay the inevitable and are often cures that are worse than the disease.”