Argument: Women can better defy sexual oppression by uncovering themselves

Issue Report: Banning Muslim hijab


Rosie Healy. “Lifting the Turkish Ban on Hijab: A Secularist Responds”. Mass Media. March 3rd, 20008 – “I understand the reasoning all too well, and I heartily reject every bit of it. In this Orwellian conception of ‘freedom,’ women ‘triumph’ over sexism by playing directly into its hands until there is nothing left for a patriarchal society to attack. Rather than expecting men to come to terms with their apparent inability to relate to women in a non-sexual manner in neutral spaces like offices and schools, women wearing hijab abet and accommodate gender inequality. If the uncovered female presence really is such an earth-stopping spectacle (as I doubt), “self-respecting” women ought to cultivate defiance rather than modesty.”