Argument: Wave power is more consistent than other renewables

Issue Report: Wave power


Ocean Power on the Rise”. Celcias. – “If properly located, more consistent power source than wind or solar”

Dave Wiles. “Wave power to the people”. 11 Apr. 2008 – Leijon says that the superiority of wave power over other renewables comes down to basic high school physics. “Energy is the integral of power over time,” he explains. “That means that it’s important to have some power, but it is more important to have it over a longer time.”

So while solar power is available for about 1,000 hours a year and wind power for about 2,200 hours a year, wave power is available for up to 4,000 hours a year. This is based on how much the sun shines and the wind blows in Sweden, as well as how choppy the sea around Sweden is. And if you use the open coasts of the UK or Norway, you are talking up to 6,000 hours a year.