Argument: Wave power can contribute a significant amount of energy

Issue Report: Wave power


Ocean Power on the Rise”. Celcias. – Waves are not short on power. In fact, the sheer potency of the ocean is a serious issue for engineers.

“Bedard further estimated that there is a potential 2,100 terawatt-hours worth of wave energy off the shores of the U.S. and 250 terawatt-hours of it could be harvested economically. That’s about 6 percent of U.S. electrical demand.”

David Wiles. “Wave power to the people”. 11 Apr. 2008 – Leijon believes that wave power could supply Europe with 2,000 terawatt hours of clean electricity per year. That is about half the electricity used in Western Europe or the United States each year. In Sweden, with its less exposed coasts, wave power could supply about 10 percent of electricity consumption.

Hank Green. “Wave Power Company Raises $25 Million”. EcoGeek. 4 Mar. 2008 – the high seas contain a tremendous amount of energy that, if inexpensively harvested, could produce a substantial amount of power to the most populated regions on Earth.