Argument: Waterboarding is much more terrifying to suspected terrorists than volunteers

Issue Report: Waterboarding


  • “Waterboarding Is Torture, Says Ex-Navy Instructor”. Washington Post. November 9, 2007 – “SERE attendees expect to be released and assume that their trainers will not permanently harm them. Nance said it is ‘stress inoculation’ meant to let U.S. troops know what to expect if they are captured. ‘The SERE community was designed over 50 years ago to show that, as a torture instrument, waterboarding is a terrifying, painful and humiliating tool that leaves no physical scars, and which can be repeatedly used as an intimidation tool,’ he said. A detainee, on the other hand, ‘has no idea what is about to happen to them,” Nance said, and could legitimately fear death. ‘It’s far worse,’ he said.”