Argument: Tyrants directly jeopardizing societal welfare can be assassinated

Issue Report: Assassination of a Dictator


Fr. Williams Saunders. “Does the Church Condone Tyrannicide?”. Herald Columnist. September 27th, 2001 – “However, if the tyrant by oppression attacks the citizen, jeopardizes the welfare of the community with the intent leading it to destruction or killing the citizens, or commits other evils, then a private citizen can morally commit an act of justifiable tyrannicide. Moreover, if because of the tyrant’s rule, a nation cannot defend itself, is on the course of destruction, and has no lawful means to depose or to condemn the tyrant, then a citizen may commit an act of justifiable tyrannicide. Interestingly, many modern political philosophers would posit that a leader who abuses power and has become tyrannical ipso facto loses legitimacy and becomes an usurper.”