Argument: Tibetan independence was recognized by world powers during WWII

Issue Report: Tibet independence

Supporting quotes

  • Lhasang Tsering. “India’s Tibet. A Case for Policy Review.” 2000 – “that Tibet was recognised as an independent country during the Second World War, most importantly by China, USA and Great Britain. This is evident from the fact that the US government had to send a mission to Lhasa in 1943 to request the Government of Tibet to permit the Allies to send military aid through Tibet to help China in its war with Japan. Needless to say, this would not have been necessary if, as the Chinese claim today, Tibet ‘has always been an integral part of China’. As an independent country dedicated to the principles of peace, Tibet granted permission to the Allies to send only humanitarian assistance to China but no weapons of war. In retrospect, one cannot help feeling that Tibet is being punished today for its principled commitment to peace and for remaining neutral during the War.”