Argument: The theory of evolution is not falsifiable

Issue Report: Creationism vs evolution in schools

Extended argument

The fact that evolution is present is true, and that isn’t what many creationists who are well informed argue. Yes, evolution happens, but Darwin’s theory was simply that; a theory. Even he said that he wasn’t sure it was true. To the extent to which evolution occurs, no scientist can prove. If evolution was present, why is it no longer? Where are all of the half ape-human creatures? Why are humans now borne from other humans, and monkeys from monkeys. They may be the most similar mammal to humans, but that in no way proves that humans “evolved” from them. Yes, a plant or an environment may evolve over time. New species are formed, but that cannot in any way prove that for millions…no, billions of years evolution has created humans, and all other life forms. It’s just as “out there” as creationism is, but that is automatically pushed aside as not possible to many because it involves religious views. If a theory is going to be taught in schools, all other theories should be given equal credit in the classroom. It IS NOT a proven theory what they are teaching in schools, but it is taught as if it is the only option. That isn’t how it should be.

Science does not have proof of everything, so what is taught as “scientifically true” when it isn’t, makes science and reasoning undermined. The theory of the big bang, or life growing from the backs of crystals has no more proof than creationism, yet it is taught in schools as “science.” Science is always searching for answers, so why shouldn’t more options be given to students? Why isn’t it stressed to students that it is simply a THEORY. There are so many theories out there on how the earth formed, that the validity in the argument begins to wither away. If they had proof of how it formed, and not just “scientific guesses” they would have mentioned it long ago.