Argument: The Mine Ban Treaty has saved many lives

Issue Report: Mine Ban Treaty (Ottawa Treaty)


“Mine Ban Advocates Denounce White House Decision to Retain Landmines and Abandon Mine Ban Treaty”. US Campaign to Ban Landmines. 27 Feb. 2004 – Since the early 1990s when the mine ban movement began in earnest, the number of mine producing countries has dropped from 54 to 14. Trade of the weapon has come almost to a halt, and more than 52 million antipersonnel landmines have been destroyed from the arsenals of the world. Nations have removed millions of landmines from communities devastated by the weapon and have provided medical and rehabilitative support to victims of landmines. Most importantly, say anti-landmine advocates, casualty rates from the weapon have dropped from approximately 26,000 people per year to 15,000-20,000 per year, though millions more continue to suffer the agricultural, economic, and psychological consequences wrought by the presence of the weapon in more than 80 countries worldwide.