Argument: The ICC is a large and expensive bureaucracy

Issue Report: International Criminal Court


Gary T. Dempsey. “Reasonable Doubt: The Case Against the Proposed International Criminal Court”. CATO Institute. 16 July 1998 – the registrar for the Rwanda tribunal, Agwu Ukiwe Okali, pointed out in a speech before the UN Preparatory Committee on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court: One of the most common misapprehensions about the ICTR [the Rwanda tribunal], and I am sure the same goes for the ICTY [the Yugoslavia tribunal], is as to its size. When people think about the tribunal, they think actually of a court and when they think of a court, they think of a few judges with some support staff–20, 30, maybe 40 people altogether. Nothing prepares them for the actual size of the operation–a staffing strength of over 600 and an annual budget of nearly 60 million dollars. What is the point here? The point is that we are speaking, not of a small cottage operation, but of a large and extensive organization.