Argument: The bar is very hard; you might not pass

Issue Report: Law school


“Top Ten (10) Reasons Not To Go To Law School.” Karemar. July 19th, 2007: “6. THE BAR EXAM IS BRUTAL – This beast is two or three days, depending on your state of hypothetical hypotheticals and nonsensical nonsense questions that you will never be confronted with again in your life let alone career. You will study like an animal for three months, only surfacing from your dungeon to eat and feel some sunlight on your face for one insane exam. Plus, if you fail and 40%of you overall will, you have to do it all over again in six months. That’s six months of telling your family and friends that you will pass it next time and you have it all figured out. Don’t fail it again as 33% of you will and then become suicidal. $120,000 in school loans, holding off on the $36,000 job and no bar certification. Damn! […] I failed the California bar on my first attempt and though it was close, the excruciating three months between the first bar and the next bar were brutal. Also, I was overly confident after my first attempt, thus maybe I deserved to be humbled by the almighty bar. Happy to note, that I passed it the second time and thus didn’t hit the suicidal mind state.”