Argument: The Australian monarchy symbolizes a history of tyranny

Issue Report: Australian republic vs. monarchy

Supporting quotes

In pre-modern times a Monarch could govern a state and wield vast powers (though not always absolute power), including powers over life and death. In modern times, this sort of autocratic power would be referred to as “totalitarian” and “fascist”. Indeed, the Tudor dynasty in Britain has been referred to as “virtually a succession of regal dictatorships”.(6) While Monarchies do not hold that sort of power nowadays, the fact remains that to have such an unelected Head of State is totally undemocratic.
Even if such a position is only symbolic, who would want to have a symbol of totalitarianism as their Head of State? The use of an undemocratic symbol as Head of State is unacceptable. The idea of a ruling Monarch is in direct opposition to the idea of democracy. This applies whether the Monarch is a ruler in reality, or in name only.”