Argument: Terrorist trials threaten safety of surrounding community

Issue Report: Trying 9/11 terror suspects in NYC courts


Michael Mukasey. “The right place to try terrorists.” Washington Post. November 6, 2009: “it is clear from existing jurisprudence that physical presence in the United States would be a significant, if not a decisive, factor. That presence would generate serious security concerns for any person or place associated with their prosecution or confinement.”

“Don’t ‘trust’ court to try terrorists.” Lancaster Online. Nov 20, 2009: “No matter how secure that courtroom is, everyone in the vicinity will have to be on guard continuously against terrorists or lunatics trying to disrupt the proceedings.”

Frank Gaffney. “Trying Terrorists in New York City Is Courting Disaster.” Newsmax. November 16, 2009: “Speaking of security, as with the various locations where Team Obama is trying to dump the rest of the Gitmo detainees, including most recently an Illinois prison 150 miles from Chicago, the problem is only partly one of ensuring the prisoners are unable to escape. The surrounding communities assuredly become higher-value, as well as inherently “soft” (read, easy), targets for further terrorist attacks.”