Argument: Terrorist suspects are particularly dangerous to guards

Issue Report: Trying 9/11 terror suspects in NYC courts


Dan McLaughlin. “Why Terrorists Don’t Deserve A Court Date.” CBS. November 18, 2009: “The detainees, as they have shown in the past, are especially dangerous to guards, a problem that’s more acute when in transit or in civilian prisons than in a facility like Guantanamo that’s designed to house them.”

“Trying Sept. 11 mastermind in civilian court is dangerous.” The Detroit News Editorial. November 19, 2009: “There are also security issues. In previous trials of terror suspects, a federal prison guard lost an eye and suffered brain damage in an attack by a suspect; another defendant lunged at a judge before he was tackled by marshals.”

Frank Gaffney. “Trying Terrorists in New York City Is Courting Disaster.” Newsmax. November 16, 2009: “Even if the likes of KSM can be confined in our prisons safely, that does not mean they pose no danger. FBI Director Robert Mueller has warned that such rock stars of the Shariah-mandated jihadist movement constitute a grave threat in our penal system as they inspire, recruit and train other prisoners. This is not a hypothetical risk: Several recently uncovered terrorist plots in this country involved individuals who joined the jihad in American jails.”