Argument: Term limits let politicians make hard decisions then leave


U.S. Term Limits President Philip Blumel: “Limiting terms will allow citizen legislators to come to Washington, DC, fix the problems and then go home to resume their lives, instead of becoming encamped in the cloistered world inside the DC Beltway.”[1]

“5. Term Limits and the Need for a Citizen Legislature.” CATO Handbook: “In order for the concept of a citizen legislature to have meaning, it is imperative that those serving in the legislature literally view their time in office as a leave of absence from their real jobs or careers. That is the key to a successful citizen legislature. The incentives facing a member of Congress should never include concern about what other legislators might do in retaliation, or what special interests might do to the member’s political career.”

Senator Jim DeMint said in April of 2011: “If we’re ever going to permanently change Washington, we must change the process that encourages career politicians to amass personal power instead of making the hard decisions for the nation.”[2]