Argument: Statehood offers huge opportunities to Puerto Ricans

Issue Report: Puerto Rico statehood in America


Matthew Iglesias. “What is the case for Puerto Rican statehood?” Center for American Progress. May 1st, 2010: “I have to say that in this case knee-jerk Puerto Rican nationalism seems mighty illogical. The United States of America is basically the richest country on earth, and being a part of it gives Puerto Ricans a lot of practical advantages that the independent countries of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean lack. The right to move to the US-proper and work here legally, for example, is extremely valuable and was even in a time when Puerto Ricans living in America were subject to considerably more racist discrimination.”

Don Luis Ferre, Ex-Governor of Puerto Rico, and winner of the U.S. Medal of Freedom: “It is an honor to be a citizen of the greatest country in the history of the World.”[1]