Argument: Sanctions give the Cuban government an excuse for their failures

Issue Report: Ending US sanctions on Cuba


  • Dan Griswold. “Four Decades of Failure: The U.S. Embargo against Cuba”. Cato Institute. October 12, 2005 – “As a foreign policy tool, the embargo actually enhances Castro”s standing by giving him a handy excuse for the failures of his homegrown Caribbean socialism. He can rail for hours about the suffering the embargo inflicts on Cubans, even though the damage done by his domestic policies is far worse. If the embargo were lifted, the Cuban people would be a bit less deprived and Castro would have no one else to blame for the shortages and stagnation that will persist without real market reforms.”
  • Quang Nguyen. “End Sanctions Against Cuba”. Michigan Independent. February 6th, 2006 – “One reason that sanctions typically fail is the large level of disconnect between countries with severed ties. The citizens of totalitarian states are already isolated from all information that is not filtered by their governments, and further depravation by other states merely serves as a tool for their leaders to unleash waves of propaganda as excuses for their suffering and furthering their own maverick status.”