Argument: Republika Srpska secession formalizes divided Bosnia under Dayton

Issue Report: Republika Srpska secession from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Dan Bilefsky. “Prospects loom for another Bosnian war”. New York Times. 18 Dec. 2008 – “the decentralized political system that Dayton engineered has entrenched rather than healed ethnic divisions. Even in communities where Serbs, Muslims and Croats live side by side, some opt to send their children to the same schools, but in different shifts […] And the country’s leaders are so busy fighting one another that they are impeding Bosnia from progressing. Locked in an impasse of mutual recrimination are Haris Silajdzic – the Muslim representative of the country’s three-member presidency, who has called for the Serbian Republic to be abolished – and the Bosnian Serb prime minister, Milorad Dodik, who is supported by Russia and Serbia and who has dangled the threat that his republic could secede.”