Argument: Republika Srpska has a right to self-determination by referendum


“If Kosovo Goes, So Will Republic of Srpska”. 29 Nov. 2007 – In Bosnia Serbs in Bosnia Should Exercise Their Right to Self-Determination

The RS can take advantage of its right to self-determination, guaranteed under the United Nations Charter, because Serbs are a constituent nation in Bosnia-Herzegovina, while Kosovo-Metohija Albanians do not have that right, Cankovic said.

Kosovo-Metohija “Albanians are a national minority, and they have created the demographic majority in Kosovo through illegal ways during the communist times, when Serbs had been banished and banned from returning to the ancestral Serb lands – Kosovo and Metohija,” Cankovic said.

The letter was sent to Pack on the occasion of her statement that the RS has no interest in leaving Bosnia-Herzegovina, and on the occasion of the letter by RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik to Pack, telling her that the outcome of the status talks regarding the southern Serbian province has nothing in common with the RS, Cankovic elaborated.