Argument: Renewable energy does little to increase energy independence


Jonathan DuHamel. “National Renewable Energy Standard Will Mean Higher Electricity Bills.” Tuscon Citizen. September 30th, 2010: “Another hyped reason is to decrease our dependence on foreign oil, but the U.S. has abundant domestic resources of fossil fuels. The Obama regime, however, seems to be doing all it can to make those resources unavailable.”

“Lame Policy for Lame Duck.” Heritage Foundation Blog. September 21st, 2010: “An RES sounds appealing on the surface, since it employs fuels that could be free (for instance, wind and sunshine). Though wind is free when it blows and sun is free when it shines, electricity from these sources is very expensive and unreliable. And renewable electricity does virtually nothing to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, because less than 1 percent of American electricity is generated from petroleum. But an RES would reduce employment and income because it raises energy prices.”