Argument: Public insurance offers an option to uninsured and struggling

Issue Report: Public health insurance option


Richard Kirsch, National Campaign Manager for Health Care for America Now! “Three Reasons for the Choice of a Public Health Insurance Plan”. May 15, 2009: “Sure, some people are satisfied with their current health insurance. But the millions of Americans who are tired of increasing costs and decreasing benefits should have the chance to opt into a program that will offer affordable, quality care, says Health Care for America Now’s Richard Kirsch.”

Edward M. Kennedy. “Health bill would fix what’s broken”. Boston Globe. May 28, 2009: “we will give Americans better choices for health insurance. An important foundation of our legislation is the following principle: If you like the coverage you have now, you keep it. But if you don’t have health insurance or don’t like the insurance you have, our bill will give you new, more affordable options.”