Argument: Protecting local traditional products is economically beneficial for Europe

Supporting Evidence

  • Stephen B. Brush & Doreen Stabinsky , “Valuing Local Knowledge, Indigenous people and Intellectual Property Rights” , 1996 , Island Press “Notions such as terroir , tradition authenticity and usages are commonly evoked and discussed today in France and increasingly in other southern European Countries, and not just in agricultural and foodstuffs production circles. Given the rapidly intensifying nature of agricultural and foodstuffs production in this part of the world, this is a good thing. But the stakes associated with local resource production in Southern Europe are high, especially as local products can play economically beneficial roles in traditional agricultural areas increasingly marginalized by industrial-level agricultural and foodstuff production.We hope to have shown in this chapter that the accumulation of knowledge , observations, and practices involved in making local products contributes to the diversity , stability , economic development and well being of modern European society.”