Argument: Primaries are too undemocratic relative to general elections

Issue Report: Primaries in US elections

Supporting Evidence

Caltics, January 30, 2008 “If 1-2% of all voters can whittle the field down to two candidates, and deliver a nominee on the Republican side, we have a serious problem and everyone knows it. I think this debate over whether or not California matters has been completely misunderstood. My degradation of California moving up was a focus on the PROCESS, not some animus against California. The process sucks. It needs to be reformed in a big way. The fact that Florida broke the rules, moved up, delivered no delegates on the Dem side, but obviously succeeded since they PICKED THE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE, should tell you something. We need a spread-out process and maybe earlier conventions to end this bad front-loaded system. It’s terrible for democracy. It should not continue for one more election.”