Argument: Pre-1967 borders deprive Israel of strategic Golan Heights

Issue Report: Return of Israel to pre-1967 borders


“Why the Pre 1967 Borders Are a Non Starter.” The Provocateur. 15th, 2008: “a ‘peace plan’ is not worth the paper its written on if Israel must give up the Golan Heights. There’s a reason why Israel’s enemies have floated the Golan Heights in exchange for ‘peace’ for years. The Golan Heights carries enormous strategic value in any future military operation. The Golan Heights gives Israel the most important strategic advantage in warfare, the high ground. In fact, the Golan Heights, in and of itself, is an effective peace plan against many of Israel’s enemies. Because the Golan Heights gives Israel the high ground it effectively deters attacks from anyone in the area. Certainly, the high ground is not an end all, but it is an effective deterrent to attack.”