Argument: Power limits, not term limits, are the answer

Issue Report: Term limits for legislators


Kevin Price. “Congressional term limits may make you feel better, but will not solve power problem.” Renew America. July 21, 2009: “Instead of solving the ‘power problem’ common in Washington, term limits will likely make it worse. Since the problem is power, solutions should be found in the way they govern. This could be seen in ‘super majorities’ required for new taxes and spending, sunset commissions that require all spending bills to be reevaluated every two years, required changes in both committees and chairmen over certain time frames (this would certainly disrupt the influence of lobbyists). Most importantly, such reforms would address the real problem, which is power and not the length of time they are in office. Power limits, not term limits, is the right answer to government out of control. They should be the priority for anyone who is serious about getting government under control.”