Argument: Polygamous men are strained in managing household complexities

Issue Report: Polygamy


  1. *“Should Polygamy Be Legal?–Posner’s Comment”. The Becker-Posner Blog. October 22, 2006 – “Household goverance under polygamy is bound to be more hierarchical than in monogamous marriage, because the household is larger and the ties of affection weaker; as a result, “agency costs” are higher and so the principal (the husband, as head of the household) has to devise and implement means of supervision that would be unnecessary in a monogamous household. (An additional factor is that women in a polygamous household have a greater incentive to commit adultery since they have less frequent sex with, and affection for, their husband, so the husband has to watch them more carefully to prevent their straying.) This managerial responsibility deflects the husband from more socially productive activities.”