Argument: Polygamous family dynamics are complicated and unstable

Issue Report: Polygamy


  1. Stanley Kurtz. “Polygamy Versus Democracy. You can’t have both.” The Weekly Standard. June 5th, 2006 – “Polyamory is a cover-all term for a bewildering variety of relationship forms–everything from open marriage, to bisexual triads, to a man with multiple women, to a woman with multiple men, to large sexual groups, and many more. The “rules” governing these arrangements are entirely flexible. There might be three “primary” partners who actually live together, and several additional “secondary” partners (collectively shared or not) to whom the three “primaries” are less committed. The levels of commitment, and the range of partnership and mutual involvement, are subject to continual change and renegotiation. Open and honest communication is the only rule. Polyamorists emphasize that multipartner unions take intense and constant work. Yet this need for a higher level of monitoring and negotiation only highlights the forces pushing against stability.”