Argument: Path to citizenship exists: leave and apply legally

Issue Report: Path to citizenship for illegal immigrants in the US


The Heritage Foundation, a conservative research and educational institute, in its website “Immigration” section, (accessed Oct. 3, 2007): “Do not grant amnesty to illegal aliens. Regardless of the penalties imposed, any program that grants individuals who are unlawfully present the legal permission to remain here rewards illegal behavior and is unfair to those who obey the law and go through the regula tory and administrative requirements to enter the country legally. Those who enter the United States illegally should not be rewarded with permanent legal status or other such benefits, and they should be penalized in any road to citizenship. Those who enter and remain in the country illegally are violating the law, and condoning or encouraging such violations increases the likelihood of further illegal conduct. The only fair way to resolve this problem is to insist that individuals currently in the country who have violated immigration statutes leave and then apply for admission through legal means.”[1]

Dave Gibson. “Despite the lies…A ‘path to citizenship’ already exists.” March 14th, 2010: “Those politicians and advocacy groups who continue to push for a so-called ‘path to citizenship’ for illegal aliens, ignore the fact that there is already such a ‘path’ and it has been successfully taken by millions. Of course, it is not quick, and it does not reward criminals. [it’s the legal way].” Dave suggests that illegal immigrants leave and apply like everybody else, through the ordinary path to citizenship.