Argument: Path to citizenship disrespects legal immigrants

Issue Report: Path to citizenship for illegal immigrants in the US


James Sensenbrenner, JD, US House Representative (R-WI), in a Mar. 27, 2006 Bristol Herald Courier article titled “James Sensenbrenner Not Deterred by Immigration Protests”: “illegal aliens should not be granted amnesty and a path to citizenship. This would be a slap in the face to all those who have followed the law and have come to America legally.”[1]

You Don’t Speak For Me, an American-Hispanic advocacy group against immigration amnesty, in a section titled “Our Principles” (accessed Nov. 9, 2007): “We are standing together to say to the those who come here illegally and those who would give amnesty to those who have broken our laws, you are wrong and you should not be claiming to speak for all American Hispanics.”[2]

Robert V. Echelbarger. “The Editor’s Inbox: Deport illegal immigrants.” Globe Gazette. April 11th, 2010: “While on the Honor Flight last October, I received a letter from a young lady thanking me for my military service. It was a wonderful letter and this person stated, “I’m a Mexican and my family and I came here legally three years ago. We moved here looking for better opportunities that in my country may be harder to get.” That is the way it should be with all immigrants to the U.S. My ancestors did the same thing, but legally. That is what made our country great. Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to stay in the United States. It is as simple as that!”