Argument: Open carry helps educate public about guns

Issue Report: Concealed carry vs open carry gun laws


Paul Hager. “Why I Carry. Concealed versus open carry.” November 19th, 2000: “One concern I have about concealed versus open carry is a purely political and psychological one. Given all of the anti-gun propaganda, coupled with the fact that the average person is unaware of how many friends and neighbors carry a concealed handgun, the right to carry for self-defense becomes ripe for a “counter-reformation” to roll back the gains that have been made. […] Prejudice is based upon ignorance and fear, and stereotypes are impervious to everything except confrontation with reality.”

“Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry.” “Open Carry: The open carry person enjoys the attention. They like to use it for educating the public and helping them better understand the laws. This type of person knows the law very well and is usually prepared to discuss the laws with police officers or citizens who may not be as familiar with the applicable law.”