Argument: Number of US troops lost in Iraq is relatively small

Issue Report: Was the War in Iraq worth it?


Richard Miniter. “Was the Iraq War Worth It?” Hudson New York. September 2, 2010: “What about the toll taken on the U.S. military?

While every soldier’s life is precious, it is astonishing how relatively few Americans were called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice in the Iraq war. Total combat deaths for U.S. forces are 3,491 over eight years. More died in a single day of combat at Antietam (Sharpsburg, Maryland) or on the Normandy landings.

If you average the death toll of 57,000 over the 14 years of the Vietnam War, you get 4,071: one year of the Vietnam War was more deadly than all eight years of the Iraq war combined.

Clearly, the military has learned a lot about combat medicine, body armor, small-unit tactics and hundreds of other advances that save lives, both military and civilian.”