Argument: Nuclear weapons, deterrence can be maintained w/o detonation tests

Issue Report: Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty


Comprehensive Nuclear-Test Ban Treaty. Congressional Research Service. March 12, 2008: “Can the United States maintain deterrence without testing? The treaty’s supporters hold that U.S. programs can maintain existing, tested weapons without further testing, pointing to 12 annual assessments that these weapons remain safe and reliable, and claim that these weapons meet any deterrent needs.”

“The Test Ban Treaty”. New York Times Editorial. May 24, 2009: “The campaign got an important boost from two Republican former secretaries of state, George Shultz and Henry Kissinger, who have urged ratification. Mr. Shultz was right when he said in Rome last month that the old arguments against the treaty — cheaters might not be detected and the safety and viability of American weapons could not be guaranteed without testing — have been put to rest by advances in technology.”