Argument: Moms enter kids into beauty pageants for own insecurities

Issue Report: Child beauty pageants


Leslie Cannold. “The ugly face of child beauty pageants.” Sydney Morning Herald. May 21, 2011: “Some pageant mums are living out their own dreams of ‘go[ing] somewhere in life’, as one mother put it, rather than being ‘stuck at home’ due to early childbearing. While self-focused female ambition continues to be stigmatised in Western societies – with the ambitious working woman always contrasted unfavourably with the mum who sacrifices her career to stay at home – pageant mums justify their application of false eyelashes or even Botox to their children as evidence of a competitive desire for their daughter to win.”

“Child beauty pageants. Um, no.” Lovelyish. January 15th, 2011: “I’m not really sure what possesses mothers to put their children through this, but is it really worth it? Honestly, it’s hard for me to see mothers as anyone other than people who are trying to relive their glory days through their small children, taking advantage of their youthful skin and beautiful smiles.”

Karen Brooks. “Children’s Beauty Pageants: The Ugly Truth.” March 20th, 2011: “What they’re cashing in on is parental insecurities, egos, competitiveness and desire to have their child publicly endorsed as prettier (better than) the next. Child beauty pageants are a toxic cocktail of the worst aspects of competitive parenting and adults living through children. Call it what you want, claim what you will, they’re not for the kids. These pageants are nothing but an excuse for pathetic parents to parade their children for social currency and to raise their own sad profiles.”