Argument: Military recruiters often harass kids to join

Issue Report: Military recruiting in public schools


Ari Rosmarin, coordinator of The New York Civil Liberties Project On Military Recruitment and Students’ Rights: “recruiters are using heavy-handed tactics to harass students, violate students’ privacy rights, and target poor students and students of color. […] In the recruiters’ manual there is a lot about school ownership. They are encouraged to befriend the administration, become coaches for sport teams and organize after-school activities. We hear a lot of instances where recruiters will go as far as taking a student out and buying them lunch. We just want to ensure students are given the right to pursue an education without being harassed and hassled everyday.”[1]

“The recruiters really harangue people, and this is what parents are trying to avoid,” said Tina Weishaus, president of the Highland Park Middle School/High School Parent Teacher Organization in New Jersey, in 2005 to Fox News.[2]