Argument: Marijuana can have a beneficial mind-altering effect if used right

Issue Report: Legalization of Marijuana

Issue Report: Medical marijuana dispensaries


  • Stephen J. Dubner. “On the Legalization — or Not — of Marijuana.” New York Times, Freakenomics. October 30, 2007 – “This expanding use can no longer be dismissed as simply a youthful fad. It is a clear sign that adults who have a desire or need to stretch their consciousness are discovering that the least costly agent of this kind of experience is offered by marijuana. If used properly, it leads to a gentle alteration of consciousness, there is very little risk to health, the experience does not lead to any kind of antisocial behavior, and it is relatively (or would be, without the prohibition tariff) inexpensive. Marijuana has become part of our culture, and it is here to stay.”