Argument: Manned space-flight has spurned many scientific innovations

Issue Report: Funding for space exploration


Space exploration is not a waste of money because there have been many technological advancements due to space exploration and research. Things such as kidney dialysis and the new artificial heart have been based on technology found in space shuttles. Without this research, many lives may have been lost due to kidney or heart failure. Space is not a waste of money because there have been many necessary technologies stemming from it.”

  • “Why are we wasting money in space?”. Everything2. August 1st, 2005 – “All the money we invested in Apollo, in going to the moon, was controversial at the time, Tim. People said ‘Why burn that money going to space when we can spend it here on Earth?’ Well, Tim, the fact is that money WAS spent on Earth. That money gave us reliable weather sats so we can see when storms are going to hit and batten down the hatches, better bearings and seals to make our cars more powerful and use less gas. That money gave us dozens of advances in computing, hardware and software. That money gave us sunglasses, smoke detectors, cordless drills. That money gave us pacemakers, much of medical imaging, helped us know how to make things both light and strong, and took air travel from being unsafe and noisy through to the smooth safe cheap comfort of the jet age. Just about the only thing in our modern lives we didn’t get from the space program is Tang. Tang’s just powdered sugar, Tim, and has been on supermarket shelves since 1959!

The word “spurned” in the debate topic should be “spurred”. “Spurned” means rejected, “spurred” means “encouraged”.