Argument: Mandates will not produce universal care as many will not comply


Glen Whitman. “Hazards of the Individual Health Care Mandate.” CATO. September/October 2007: “The Problem of Noncompliance […] of course, the mandate will not work exactly as planned. As anyone who’s ever driven over 55 mph knows, mandating something is not the same as making it happen. Realistically, some individuals will not comply. […] Forty-seven states currently require drivers to purchase liability auto insurance. Do 100 percent of drivers in those states have insurance? No. For states with an auto insurance mandate, the median percentage of drivers who are uninsured is 12 percent.”

Judson Berger. “A Health Insurance Mandate That Works Like Auto Insurance? Think Again.” Fox News. September 14, 2009: “Auto insurance mandates have not eliminated the problem, though.

Donald Griffin, also with The Property Casualty Insurers Association, said anywhere from 8 to 14 percent of motorists are uninsured in most states despite the requirement.

‘Still, we have this problem, so those requirements don’t seem to do much to solve the uninsured motorist problem,’ he said.”