Argument: Mandates create cartel of govt-supported insurance companies

Issue Report: Constitutionality of US health insurance mandates


“Health Care Reform And The Constitution.” PoliGazette. August 23rd, 2009: “it would for the first time involve the government setting up either a government monopoly or a government-selected cartel for which it would then use statutory power to require each and every citizen to become customers. The government would then have completely eliminated any pretense of individual market freedom, creating a situation where individuals would be required to contribute money out of each and every paycheck to either a government entity which would be staffed and/or controlled by political appointees or to a cartel made up of companies that would owe their continued existence on the cartel list to the continued acquiescence of political overseers. Either way, the reduction in individual autonomy and freedom over health care choices would be dramatically decreased and inevitably politicized. Companies that are good contributors to the party currently in power would be allowed to stay on the list so that consumers could still choose them. Companies that the party currently in power chooses to dislike would be excluded from the cartel and driven out of power.”