Argument: Law school teaches important cases affecting real lives

Issue Report: Law school


achwastyk. “Why I Love Law School…And you should too.” PhiLAWdelphia. September 5, 2007: “I took the study of law more seriously because real lives were directly affected by the decisions I read. Even those darkly humorous torts cases where someone suffers through some unfortunate series of events were taking hold. […] I sometimes muse at the fact that most lawyers thrive on human shortcomings, called upon when something goes terribly wrong or to keep something from going terribly wrong. We law students spend hours at study, burdened by cases involving what must have been the worst part of someone’s life. […] Yet, it’s the desire to be brought in when things go bad that makes an attorney so important. And learning about how to be a good attorney is the most exciting part of law school. Once you realize that the names in a caption represent real people (or entities) you get that first real taste of the career to come. In law school, you get to be reminded of this fact without the business of being a lawyer getting in the way. Plus, you don’t have to work 80 hours a week.”