Argument: Job-creation would be better achieved by investing in green energy

Issue Report: Oil Drilling in Arctic Wildlife Refuge


  • US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources News Release 10/22/06 – “Economic analyses demonstrate that investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy will create hundreds of thousands of quality jobs – more jobs than an equal investment in oil production and refining. These assessments demonstrate that policies to support clean energy will create hundreds of thousands of high-paying American jobs in construction, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation and other sectors. A 2001 economic analysis by the Tellus Institute compared job creation from investment in clean energy technologies to job creation from oil extraction in ANWR. The analysis concluded that over the same time frame, investment in energy efficient technologies and renewable energy would create 700,000 jobs by 2010 and 1.3 million by 2020. The Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab estimates that clean energy technologies based on domestic, renewable resources can significantly reduce imported oil and create 300,000 new jobs for American workers. The Department of Energy has estimated that if the nation triples its use of bio-based products and bio-energy by 2010, it will create 50,000 new, high-technology jobs in small processing plants in rural America and up to 130,000 new jobs in the bio-power, bio-products and bio-fuels industries. The Department of Energy estimates that the export of energy efficient technologies could reach $3 billion by 2010 with proper investments, creating 100,000 new jobs in the United States. According to the American Wind Energy Association, ramping up wind power to 6 percent of U.S. energy supplies would create more than 250,000 new jobs in the high-tech and construction industries. An economic analysis by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy estimates that efficiency investments in automobiles, construction, appliance, manufacturing and other areas would create as many as 1.1 million jobs over the next 10 years.”
  • Republicans for Environmental Protection Policy Director Jim DiPeso, “President Should Forget Arctic Refuge, Focus on Efficiency, New Fuels” 4/26/06

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