Argument: Israel will simply not accept a two-state solution

Issue Report: Two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict


Todd May. “Toward a True Democratic State in the Middle East”. Counter Punch. September 9, 2004: “we should first recognize that what is and is not realistic to endorse depends on what the options are. Presumably, the more realistic alternative is a two-state solution. But is this really more realistic? The entire sweep of Israeli history argues against it. There is not a single moment in the history of Israel, and in particular of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, in which Israel was prepared to recognize a viable, independent Palestinian state existing along its borders. (The Barak proposal at Camp David is often offered as a counterexample. However, I fail to see how a demilitarized state that does not have control of its borders, its airspace, its aquifers, or many of its central roads is considered a viable state. If there is a non-starter, that was certainly it.) There is no reason to believe that Israel is to be enticed into a two-state solution, so the question then becomes one of the terms in which it is to be confronted.”

Bernard Chazell “Why Israel Won’t Accept A Two-State Solution”. June 23, 2008