Argument: Instant replay should not exist for sake of personal achievements

Issue Report: Instant replay in baseball


Steve Hirsch. “Why instant replay is unnecessary.” Huffington Post. June 4, 2010: “Even if Major League Baseball decided to implement the use of instant replay, this is hardly the game that should be the deciding factor [the Detroit Pitcher Armando Gallaraga’s Perfect Game in June of 2010]. In the end, the only thing that was affected by Jim Joyce’s botched call was a personal achievement. The final score was the same and the winning and losing pitchers remained unchanged. I am not undermining the significance of a perfect game. It has only been accomplished twenty times in history, and it is clearly a miraculous event when it occurs. But at the end of the day, we are talking about a game in early June between two uninteresting teams whose goals are just to win as many games as possible. If a fan or a player is more concerned with a personal achievement than how their teams finishes in the standings, then that person needs to reorganize its priorities during a game.”