Argument: Instant replay justified to prevent another Galarraga call

Issue Report: Instant replay in baseball


Jamie Samuelsen. “Galarraga call proves that time has come for replay in baseball.” June 4th, 2010: “none of us have ever witnessed a play that had such a major impact on history. It didn’t alter a game — the Tigers were going to win that thing regardless. But it took history away from Armando Galarraga. And it may change the course of baseball history. This is the smoking gun that should lead to instant replay in Major League Baseball. There’s no turning back now. The game started as a quiet late spring game between two scuffling teams. It ended as the No. 1 news story in America. It trumped the oil spill. It trumped the silly little waste of time and money up on Mackinac Island. It trumped anything that President Obama said or did. Just look at Twitter — 99.9% of the world’s population didn’t know who Jim Joyce was at 8:50 p.m. Wednesday night. By 9:50, he was the number one trending topic on the social networking site.” Another event like this needs to be avoided in the future, by instituting instant replay.”