Argument: Idea of Jewish state, in two-state solution, is undemocratic

Issue Report: Two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict


Todd May. “The Emerging Case for a Single-State Solution”. Counter Punch. September 9, 2004: “A first objection might appeal to the motivation for recognizing […] a Jewish state in the first place. […] That the Holocaust proves that European Jews deserve protection against the history of hatred against them is undeniable. It does not follow from this that they deserved a state where they would be privileged vis-à- vis another people. That idea has more to do with nineteenth-century nationalism than with the internationalism more characteristic of the contemporary world. Moreover, history has shown the effects of this privileging.”

Saree Makdisi. “Forget the two-state solution”. Los Angeles. May 11, 2008: “Some, no doubt, are reluctant to give up on the idea of a “Jewish state,” to acknowledge the reality that Israel has never been exclusively Jewish, and that, from the start, the idea of privileging members of one group over all other citizens has been fundamentally undemocratic and unfair.”