Argument: Hydrogen fuel can be made by clean nuclear electricity

Issue Report: Hydrogen vehicles


Wayne Cunningham. “Driving It. Why Hydrogen will fuel future cars.” CNET. 11 Apr. 2007 – Electricity for electrolysis can come from clean sources, such as hydro or solar, which negates the energy cost argument.

Prof. Otto G. Raabe, Center for Health and the Environment. “Hydrogen cars can solve foreign oil problem”. USA Today. – “Because hydrogen fuel can be made from water via electrolysis, all that is needed is plentiful electricity. The United States has enough nuclear fuel in the form of plutonium-239 and depleted uranium to supply all of our electrical power needs for the whole century using modern, safe nuclear power plants.

No more mining is required because plutonium can be extracted from retired nuclear weapons.

With nuclear-power-produced electricity, there won’t be any pollutant greenhouse gas emissions, acid rain and particulate air pollutants.”

David Baurac. “Nuclear plants may be clean hydrogen source”. Logos. – For more than 100 years, visionaries have periodically espoused the dream of an economy driven by hydrogen – an efficient fuel that emits only water when burned. Today, their vision may be on the verge of reality: Energy policymakers around the world are increasingly recognizing the potential of hydrogen as a fuel for transportation, which accounts for more than one third of the nation’s annual energy consumption.